IMPORTANT: The fate of my beard rests in your hands

Hey Redbird faithful,

I've been lurking in the shadows a bit for the last month, not able to comment in game threads much from work. Moving from Missouri to L.A. has meant long drives and long work hours that don't lend themselves to watching too many live weekday games.

Still, I've followed the ups (occasional) and downs (numerous) this team has gone through over the past few weeks. Now, as the season draws to a close, I have an important decision to make: What do I do with myplayoffbeard?

It was almost exactly one year ago today that me and a buddy--having just polished off a six-pack of Bud Select--decided that blogging the progress of my playoff beard would be a good idea. But the blog exists for the sole purpose of following my team during the playoffs, which means it's only relevant for one month out of the year. Even then, it only works if the Cardinals make the playoffs, which isn't looking like it will happen this season. I've thought of an alternate use to keep it going until the Cardinals' next postseason appearance, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. I wanted to run it by you, my fanatical friends, before proceeding.

What if I auction off the use of my beard to one of the eight teams in the playoffs this year?

It would work like this:
1)    I start an ebay auction, offering my beard's magical powers for use in the 2007 MLB playoffs.
           a. Any eligible team except the Cubs. Naturally.

  1.    Rights for the beard go to the team of choice for the highest bidder.
  2.    The beard isn't shaved until that team
           a. Exits the playoffs
           b. Wins the World Series

What do you think?

The pros:
-I get money: Cost of living is steep out here on the West coast and I'm generally broke. Plus I just forked over some more cash to renew my hosting fees.

-It doesn't hurt the Cardinals: Since they likely won't be in the playoffs, I won't really be rooting against them.

-Statistical research: I figure a few of you will love this one. Increasing the sample size will help determine whether last year's beard actually helped, or if it was just along for the ride.

The cons:
-Betrayal: I care a lot about this silly team playing this silly game, and the last thing I would want to do is sell my soul for a few bucks. Or betray you, my fellow fans.

-It could backfire: I have no idea if anyone would pay hard-earned money to buy the rights to my beard. I highly doubt it, but am curious to find out.

-Betrayal (again): It's a big one, so it's worth two cons. After all, the beard is a superstitious act, so karma could come into play. Plus I wanted to have an even number of pros and cons.

Please vote on the poll. The results of the poll will determine my course of action in the coming weeks.

Man, I really miss watching games.

Thanks all,


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