All NL Central Team

I'm starting a several week long set of posts on my blog and wanted to share the idea with everyone here.  The idea is to create your All NL Central Team.  To try to give this some shape, I've imposed a series of rules.  

The rules:

  1. That my "team" is constrained by the average payroll of the NL Central teams. 2007 payrolls can be found here. This limits me to a somewhat frugal $74 million in payroll. This would put my team, should I spend it all, in 18th, between the Twins and A's.
  2. For the outfield, any three outfielders can be selected, but one of them must be a center fielder.
  3. The bullpen must contain 1 person who is actually a team's designated closer and should also contain at least 1 lefty, preferably 2.
  4. Starting position players must be selected at the position they played most during the 2007 series (No putting Berkman back in the outfield, he's a first baseman now).
  5. Defense and previous years DO matter, but should be secondary to the current year's offensive stats. So if I say Pujols and Fielder is a push on this year's stats, assuming I can afford Pujols' salary, he would be the one I'd choose.
  6. I must fill a standard 25-man roster and every team MUST be represented.
  7. Individual player salaries are per Unlisted salaries will be assumed to be at $400,000, around where many rookies and minor-league deals are valued at.
I'm going through each part of the team nominating players, starting with the rotation(posted already) then later going to the starting 8, then the 'pen, and finally the bench.  After listing off nominations, I'll actually make my team.  

Obviously I'm putting a lot of thought and blogging into this, but I thought it'd be a fun idea, so if anyone wants to give it a shot, feel free to either give us YOUR All NL Central Team(if you don't follow the above-posted rules, I would suggest you mention that in your post), either here or on my blog.

Link to my blog, with starting rotation nominations already posted, along with my intro post to the idea:

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