Fire sale

 Well with the news of Carpenter being out it's safe to say we are done for the season, and maybe next. As much as I hate to say this, hold on, lets me get the tears out of my eyes first, okay I'm good, a fire sale. Not completely drastic like the Marlins of last year, but along those lines.

I'm saving Anthony Reyes for a trade, or a new pitching coach, Add him to the Encarnacion deal  First off we need to build for the future. I propose we trade Encarnacion to a team that would want a average outfielder with some pop, and some speed, good arm, and a good glove.
 The Rangers could be a good fit for Encarnacion, he could play right or center for them, we could get Joaquin Arias, Scott Feldman, and Kameron Loe for Juan Encarnacion. The A's could also be a good fit for Encarnacion, and lastly the White sox could be a good possibility as well.

 Isringhausen is owed about 4 million or so for the rest of the year and 8 million more if we pick up his option. So he is kind of hurting the Cardinals wallet, so I'm hoping we can find a suitor for him that he can agree with, considering he's a 10 and 5 player. I was thinking we could deal him to mabey the Orioles with their recent closer problems, mabey get someone like Adam Loewen (yeah I know he's out for a while but like I said building for the future), it's not that bad of a proposal if the O's want more I say we throw in someone like Adam Octavio or Tyler Greene. If the O's don't bite then maybe the Giants are looking to help, considering they don't have a true closer

David Eckstein, As much as I love the little Guy, he's expensive, if their are any true suitors for him then I say jump on it Walt. With the pirates trading for Izturis then maybe Jack Wilson is avaliable?

Kip Well: Just release him, even with his first quality start in quite awhile, he's just taking up space for young arms like Hawksworth.

My point of this entire post is that we can free up a good sum of money so we can spend in the offseason on a #1 or #2 type starter so we have a shot next season, with Carp out for most of next year anyways.
This offseasons starting pitching list is a decent one, there are a few good names out there like: Kris Benson, Freddy Garcia, Livan Hernandez, Jason Jennings, Bartolo Colon, and even Crazy, Crazy Carlos Zambrano.

If we don't Sign a big name player in the off-season, then we can deal for a starter with whatever talent we have left. I myself would like Jon Garland, or Scott Kazmir. I think either one of them could help us greatly. Jon Garland's contract isn't as bad as you would think for as good as a pitcher as he is. He has pretty much the same contract Matt Morris does. So not as bad for this market there is today.

Then there is the problem at short, Jack Wilson could be avaliable like I said earlier in the post, since they just traded for Izturis.

The way the roster would look like after every thing I just posted would look a little like this

Mulder/Carp (if he even comes back next season)
(The person we pickup in the offseason, or trade for)

pretty much the same

Is it too soon for Chris Perez? If so then maybe Joe Nathan.


SS: Jack Wilson
RF: "Slick" Rick Ankiel
1B: Who else? Albert Pujols
LF: Duncan
3B: Rolen (please god, come back healthy!)
CF: Jimmy
C:  Yadi
2B: Kennedy


Marlon Anderson, would be nice to have back
Josh Paul (incase we don't resign Bennett)
Scotty Spiezio

I figure Gooch will retire.

I don't mean to be a "negative Nacy" with the whole planning for next season thing, but god this season is depressing!

So what do you guys think?

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