Cards' Mid Term Grades

I couldn't find one of these in the P-D, so I wrote one of my own because this season is forcing us to amuse ourselves (and one another).

'07 MidTerm Grades

Chris Duncan        A-    Only guy in the lineup having a legitimately good (not great) offensive season. His defense is not a job; it's an adventure.
David Eckstein      B+   Surge in hitting offset by injury. 12 rbi, even for a lead off guy, is pretty damn weak.
Yadier Molina        B     The .647 OPS is a little better than his career. 15 rbi is slim pickings. His D saves the day.
Scott Spiezio          B     Decent job filling in here and there. Not the miracle-worker he was in '06, tho.
Skip Schumaker    B     Gets a B because not much was expected. Looks like he's started to figure out pitchers a little.
Ryan Ludwick        B+   See: Skip S.  Add: a little pop for the "+".
Albert Pujols          B-    Huge drop in power/production put his .300 avg in perspective. You heard it here: Will lose the Gold Glove in '07.
So Taguchi             B-    Minus defender this year (?) offsets his punchless .293 average. Way too many AB.
Aaron Miles            C+   Starting to look way over-exposed with all this playing time. .651 OPS is weak. Defense is in a tailspin.
Juan Encarnacion C    Not going to pile on this guy. He's doing what he always does, just a little less than usual, tho.
Gary Bennett          C-    Fitting the Cardinal mold of barely adequate back up backstops who can't hit a lick. (see: Stinnett)
Scott Rolen             D+   Singles-hitting defensive specialist just doesn't cut it. .715 OPS? Ouch!
Jim Edmonds         D      Almost earns an INCOMPLETE, but that would be too kind for this gimpy, ineffectual performance.
Adam Kennedy      D-   Huge, huge disappointment in all areas. Wishes he was still in Cali.

Ryan Franklin         A    Every season there's one reliever who has a surprisingly nasty year. (remember Al Reyes?)
Jason Isrnghausn  A     He's back ... and better than ever. Or at least as good. Hooray for the new hip.
Russ Springer        A-   Where would this team be without Russ and his effective relief appearances? (no answer necessary)
Braden Looper       B-   Courageous conversion from the pen - but has hit the wall hard.
Adam Wainright     C-   Not much middle ground with his performances. Some were great. Too many were awful. Will be back in pen in '08!
Brad Thompson     C+  Courageous conversion from the pen, but I'm waiting for him to hit the wall.
Todd Wellemeyer  C+  I just can't give a great grade to a player Tony+Dave send down, because they must know something I don't. Sorry.
Randy Flores          D    A real dud this year. Comes complete with a can of gasoline and matches.
Anthony Reyes       D-  Micro-analyzed to the max this year. A thousand reasons and excuses offered. Add it all up? He stunk. See ya in September?
Kip Wells                 F+  Gets a "+" for his brief bit of effectiveness out of the pen. Otherwise, his '07 stint with the Cards will forever live in infamy.
Mike Maroth           Inc   I'm going to be charitable and hold my tongue on this one. Seems like a nice guy. How about that?
Troy Percival          Inc  Six innings does not earn a grade.
Troy Cate                Inc  All players named Troy heretofore receive INCOMPLETES
Randy Keisler                No comment
Kelvin Jiminez               See: Randy Keisler
Tyler Johnson                See: Kelvin Jiminez

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