MLB/InDemand deadline extended

Well, the two sides have agreed to extend the deadline for the Extra Innings package until Sunday.  

Basically, InDemand has met every qualification MLB put out.  Now, InDemand wants 'their cut'.  

According to

The upshot: "Cable has agreed to give the forthcoming [Baseball] channel the carriage of 80% of all digital basic subs, a sum baseball views as a proportional match to DirecTV and a key sticking point in prior negotiations," notes Sports Business Daily, citing sources on both sides of the negotiations.

"The key outstanding issue is In Demand's pursuit of equity in the forthcoming channel," it notes, echoing comments by In Demand president/CEO Rob Jacobson in a Q&A with Cable360 before last week's Senate hearing on MLB's proposed exclusive TV deal with DirecTV that would have shut out Extra Innings' other incumbent distributors. As Jacobson said of the Baseball Channel's exclusive offer of a stake to DirecTV, "one party's getting equity that's potentially going to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You're not giving that to the other party, so how can you go out publicly and say you're offering a consistent deal?"

If In Demand is going to change its tune and launch the channel to 80% of its owners' digital basic subscribers (and not just match the number of subs--15 million--that DirecTV is guaranteeing) then it naturally wants a piece of the action. MLB isn't keen to give up its 80% share of the Baseball Channel, so the pressure falls on DirecTV to dilute its 20% stake in the network so its competitors can participate. Whether DirecTV must decide today whether it can be convinced to give up its exclusive stake.

The fact that:
a)MLB believes that there is hope be extending the deadline
b)they will continue to talk past the previous deadline
c)that InDemand has met all previous demands

gives me hope that Tuesday, I'll be able to watch the Cards game here in Ohio.

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