Mo - Dear Diary

5am - wonderful dream that I am the GM of Cardinals

6am - wake to realize its true but I got big problems...not the least of which is catching my plane to GM meetings in Orlando....pack my cool new suits and expensive ties....Bill's got the private plane, so head to Lambert for commercial flight

7am - being a wise GM, I astutely address the elephant in the room by calling cell phone of Rolen and of his agent.....get voicemail

9am - take obligatory calls from Bernie, Strauss and some other guy........tell them blah, blah, middle of the road not return calls from Gammons, Olney and SI.......delete 47 other voicemails and 99 emails I do not recognize.......check the 07 stats, they haven't changed from yesterday.......check injury report on Mulder and Carp, no change..........ignore text messages from agents of Wells and Maroth

10am - walk the concourse of one recognizes me....guy next to me reading sports page complains loudly about cheap Cardinal budget

1pm - wander around Hyatt Grand Cypress amazed at the beauty until I realize I have work to do...hear that Silva will get 3 yrs $40M, go to nearest men's room and throw up

2pm - fashionably late lunch with GMs who congratulate me with odd smiles on their faces and three guys who I should recognize but don't

3pm - take in beauty of Grand Cypress again and wonder, "What would Walt do?".....John Mabry's agent bumps into me.....then Miguel Cairo's........Scott and agent have not returned call

4pm - Jed calls to say he feels awesome and not to worry......I do anyway.......catch lobby conversation with Scott Boras, pretty cool......I think.......why did he mention Weaver?

5pm - meet with staff to hear what I already know....recall how wonderful it was to be a second lieutenant with no pressure

6pm - lavish dinner with a table of powerful GMs....incredible food, expensive just the right time, I coyly gauge their interest in Rolen.......probably talked too much, thanks to the wine.....we discuss politely then they leave to tell everything I said to reporters....I see one GM laughing

9pm - at the bar, take call from DeWitt....tell him big things are in the works......see Paul DePodesta drinking alone at one end of the bar, Tim Purpura, alone at the other end.

11pm - get in my jammys and return Mom's call.... she's so proud ("no, Mom, I'm not going to Disney World") my wife, tell her to buy the new house and ignore the reporters...go to sleep happy that I am the Cards GM

Midnight - wakeup nervous in my luxury room......hit the mini-bar, try to surf VEB for ideas but Luhnow has once again done something funky with my laptop........wonder aloud if lboros and team are for hire......50 more emails, 20 more voicemails..........most wondering if I'll package Rasmus, Garcia and Anderson for an expensive vet.... can't sleep, have a tee time tomorrow on one of the most difficult courses in Fla but I don't play golf (why does that seem ironic?).....Scotty and agent still haven't called back

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