Community: Top 5 things MO needs to do

Dear Diary,

Sitting here in my room, starring at the moon light, thinking of Brandon...err

I was thinking about it and while Mo can blow this whole thing up or do very little to the team, I think there are 5 simple things Mo can do to improve the team or atleast their situation.

I'd like opinions, other options (small ones) or just discussion in general:

  • Offer David Eckstein arbitration.  There is a small chance that he will accept it.  If he does, I have to grit my teeth and watch another year of him but it will be for a reasonable price (around $5 m).  If he doesn't accept, the Cardinals get the sandwhich pick from whomever signs him.
  • Trade Braden Looper  Braden's value isn't ever going to be higher.  I personally feel that he is about a month of starting away from having his shoulder give out.  However, the Cardinals have a chance to clear his $5.5 M off of the books.  They don't have to get anything in return, if they do, it should be something that costs very little.  The point here is to dump his salary.  Braden Looper isn't going to be the difference between the Cardinals winning or losing in 2008.
  • Trade Anthony Reyes  Anthony, my poor child, has seen better days with this organization.  I don't believe he will ever be the pitcher we expected him to be while he is here in St. Louis.  Through frustration, disagreement with management's philosophy, possible arm injury, Anthony would be best served playing somewhere else.  The Cardinals hopefully can get something  in return.  A mid-level prospect, use Anthony as part of a package to acquire an expiring contract veteran, who knows.  But it is best for both parties of Anthony is moved this off-season.

    [editor's note, by Hardcore Legend]Added Percival

  • Offer Troy Percival arbitration Hot Stove rumors have 8 teams in on Percival when he hits free agency. I don't care what kind of gentleman's agreement he had with Walt, the King is Dead. We want those picks.
  • So, I got 3 right now.  I'll hear other ideas (nothing like ACQUIRE MIGUEL TEJADA!!!!!!) or anything like that.  

    I'd just like to see a small "Honey-Do" list of what we think Mo can do small scale to improve the team.

    For example, moving Looper gives the Cardinals $16 M to spend elsewhere, like on acquiring a better starting pitcher or on an OF bat.

    Boy, I hope Brandon notices me tomorrow

    All my love,

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