Reyes, Scouting, Muts and More

How fun is this? Win number 8 of the 2006 postseason - ties the top mark for the STL franchise in any postseason. How bout 3 more???

Is it me or could Reyes really like not hitting? He's had 2 games this year (tonight and the famous white sox game) where he pitched when STL used a DH. In those games he went for 16 ip, 5 hits, 3 er, 1 bb and 10 k or a 1.69 era and 0.38 whip. Compare that to his regular season numbers of a 5.06 era, 1.38 whip and 2-1 k-bb ratio. Coincidence or possibly something to that?

For those wondering, Reyes answered his ChiSox 1-hitter by going 5 solid innings 5 days later against the Tribe, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits while walking 4. Game 5 start anyone???


Section number two of this diary would be me asking you if you think the Cards have the edge in preparation against the Tigers. If you think about it, the Tigers were the class of the AL the entire year. You gotta figure STL kept a close eye on them all season. STL also knew for a whole week that IF they got past the Muts, they'd have the Tigers. On the flip side, I'm not sure DET really expected STL to be here ... sure reminds me of BOS/STL in 04, except with the tables turned. We all know how that turned out.

I also see an advantage for STL in the style of hitters the Tigers have. They are not patient batters, they are more free swinging and apt to get themselves out on quality pitches. This is huge for a staff like STL where the 'pitch to contact' approach can work. If DET keeps hacking like they did in Gm1, the Cards have a VERY good shot in this series.


Watching the game tonight, I got to wondering - Who in the world would the Muts have started tonight? Maine and Oli Perez were out and Glavine would have been on short rest. That leaves El Duque, Trachsel and Darren Oliver. Makes you wonder if the Tigers werent really pulling for NY to make it to Detroit...


Finally, I know we all have our pet peeves with certain announcers and I know we all have a grudge with ESPN and Fox for their less than special treatment of the Redbirds this year and in the past ... but could we just quit harping on it already? I mean, I get it. Let's move on. Just blow them off or better yet, dont read their blabble, they are not experts, they just get paid to do what we do on here for free. Quit whining about it and enjoy these Cardinals doing what they are doing!!!

Ok, I'm done. Go Cards!!!

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