Jock's Greatest Hits....

Another Mulder outing, another opportunity to rehash and argue the trade.  I will still stand by the trade for the following reasons...

  1. The point is to win the World Series...NOW.  Our outfield is not getting any younger, nor or Morris and Carp.  Strike now.
  2. The other option, was to resign Edgar.  As much as I dig Renteria, we needed a real lead off hitter.  The combination of Eckstein and Grudz is a tradeup from Womack and Renteria.  We don't need Edgar's power numbers, we needed a lead off hitter.  
But all this got me to thinking...are the negative voices out there because this trade is the smashing success that others have been.  Take a look at my off the top of my head greatest hits ever.....

1)Scott Rolen obtained for Mike Timlin, Bud Smith, and Placido Polanco.  At the time a wower, and everday it seems to get better.  Shoulder injury a concern, but already a definate benefit to us.

2)Jim Edmonds obtained for Adam Kennedey and Kent Bottenfield.  If memory serves me correct, people were actually concerned about this trade.  "But Kennedey is the future!" they would say.  Well Adam got his ring first, but this trade has worked out well for both parties, tie goes to us though for a gold glover, sliver slugging CF who dominates at his position.  

  1. Woody Wiliams for Ray "Notorious" Lankford.  Remember how bad he stunk when we traded him away?  Geez, its lucky we got a box of pencils for him.  Lankford was mired in the worst performance of his career and seemed to K every other at bat.  Even the normally supportive Busch stadium faithful could be heard scattering boos on him.  (On another note, there was actual indifference we came to the plate, which would rattle me more than boos.)  We get an ailing allegedly over the hill pitcher who...ah if we would have only won the World Series we could have sold the story to Disney.  
  2.  Will Clark obtained for Jose Leon.  Ok I cheated and looked that one up.  I had no idea who we gave up for the half season for Will Clark.  They also gave us cash.  He averaged nearly a RBI a game and hit 345 for us.  Amazing.  One of the best half seasons ever in recent Cards history.  
I'm sure I missed some glaring ones, so help me out.  I tried to go through the current team and kept hitting FA signings.  

Let me know.......

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