Too many tips of the redbird cap?

[editor's note, by lboros] the mad lithuanian posted this diary after attending last night's game. he raises an excellent policy question for BFBI (Best Fans in Baseball Inc.) shareholders and board:

Just in from the friendly confines and the Birds' 11-3 pounding.  Despite much to be cheerful about, I noticed a trend that is disappointing, if not disturbing.

The night didn't start well when my better half, the Complacent Farmingtonian, refused to move it into high gear out of the kitchen.  End result, we didn't arrive until the top of the second, just in time--as we walked to our seats--to watch Wily Mo launch one deep into the night.  So far out that the outfielders didn't budge, not a step.  Didn't look good for Matty Mo.

Fortunately, that gloom was quickly relieved in the bottom half by Walker's tater and Lopez's two miscues, giving the Birds a lead they'd never relinquish.

In the next inning, Larry hit another, a towering blow this time (the first was a line shot).  The St. Louis fans, wonderful as ever, appreciated this virtuoso performance by one who had struggled so much of late, giving him a standing O until he came out to tip his hat.

That usually gives me shivers.  What a wonderful thing St. Louisans do, what great fans.  Makes one proud to be part of Redbird Nation.

So, my gripe: two innings later, Reggie Sanders hits an inconsequential one-run blast to make it 7-2 in the 5th.  Nice, but no big deal.  But the fans call him out as well.  Then again, in the next inning, Jimmy rips one deep, deep into right; three more runs, 10-2 lead.  Nice, but who cares?  Yet another curtain call was required.

Where will this end?  Will every home run require an encore?  I hope not.  It belittles the gesture and makes us look silly.  And I'm sure it also makes it less special to the players.

I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come (though I do like the dingers).

[editor's note, by lboros] i wasn't there, but the curtain call for edmonds --- with the cards piling up meaningless runs against a .400 ballclub --- sounds like pretty poor form to me. as if BFBI were gloating; not very sportsmanlike. questions:

1. is mad lith right? at a certain point, do our public displays of affection become gross?

2. if yes to #1, where does the line fall?

Update [2005-6-30 14:30:51 by lboros]: cardnilly weighed in on this subject earlier this year, after a previous (cue twilight-zone theme music) home victory vs the reds. good observations, i recommend the link

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